Commuting with your hubby

I drove Matt to the airport the other morning, so we had the opportunity to share a morning drive.  We started to talk about our new hobby of beekeeping and how there doesn’t seem to be a lot of young people involved.

me:  You know if people would involve young people when they were taking care of their bees, I bet there would be more young people who wanted to keep bees.  When I was younger, we were always warned away from the hives.  “Stay away!”  “Don’t go near there!”  We were scared to go near the hives.  Doesn’t that sound like a Sheets family response?  “Danger!  Danger!  Stay away!”

Matt:  Sounds so like your family.  When I was growing up, I was taught that guns were just another tool.  They’re dangerous, so you have to be careful.  You have to learn how to handle them properly.  But you were never around guns so now you’re very apprehensive about guns.

me:  Yes, and other things.

Matt:  Like what?

me:  Penises.

Matt:  Yeah, you were taught that if you got around a penis you would end up a homeless crack whore, with no job and no family.

me:  With no one to love me.


me:  I should have been taught that they are just another tool.

Matt:  That they can be dangerous but they can be good in other cases.

Then we got distracted by this boy waiting for the school bus that wears shorts every day regardless of the weather (that morning it was in the high 30s but with a biting wind).  Matt didn’t think that was weird because he said his legs never got cold when he was that age.  Which led me to tell him the story of the time in high school when we couldn’t wear shorts but the girls could wear mini skirts, so two boys protested by wearing mini skirts to school.

This led to a discussion of whether there is a disproportionate amount of assholes attracted to school jobs or if your perspective is skewed as a child/teenager.

I love commuting with Matt.


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