This Is Why You Should Have Good Health Insurance

SCENE:  Matt and I are watching TV when this commercial comes on (for the gizzillionth time).

me:  I’m so glad that you don’t wear your hair like that guy.  Flopping over in your face.  It’s messy looking.

Matt:  I couldn’t wear my hair that way if I wanted to.  My hair is so curly.  It would just grow into a big ‘fro.


Matt:  I guess eventually it would flop over when it got big enough.  Just from the weight.

me:  I can’t wait until you’re an invalid and I can let you hair grow.  I’m not going to cut it for months, years.

Matt:  (weird stare)

me:  I’m going to let it grow until I can see what it would look like all big and fluffy and floppy.  And you won’t care because you’re an invalid and you won’t be going anywhere.

Matt:  (weirder stare)

me:  But I’ll cut your fingernails and toenails.  I promise.

Matt:  You’re too good to me.

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