A Letter to My Husband

Dear Matt,
I love you.  I love you more than I have ever loved anyone.  But I don’t understand you.

You are so smart, and funny, and thoughtful.  You are a planner, a researcher, a super-reviewer of the details; you are my “go-to” person when I want to know which car to buy, which vacation to take, which restaurant to try — you usually think things through so much that sometimes I think you can get a case of “paralysis of analysis.”

You think about what’s healthy for you.  We buy organic milk and fruits and vegetables.  You avoid OTC medications.  You avoid artificial flavors and sweeteners.  You are a very careful driver, always wearing your seat belt, driving defensively.

I understand all this.  Here’s what I don’t understand:

You, who won’t wear antiperspirant because of the aluminum in it (even though there haven’t been any reported cases of widespread death by antiperspirant), bought a dirt bike this past weekend (even though there have been many reported cases of injury and death by dirt bike).

First 20 Minutes on Bike

I am amazed at what you will do TO your body despite what you won’t PUT IN your body.  Did you know that you are no less vulnerable on the outside than you are on the inside?

And when you had a wreck about 30 minutes after this picture was taken, it was scary just how vulnerable you were.

How Things Could Have Been
source: tim.2wgroup.com

No, this isn’t you.  I stole this picture from the internet.  But it could have been you. And then what would you have done?  Especially without any antiperspirant on underneath all that plaster?

So, Matt, my husband, my love, my soul mate — are you any more cautious with what you will do to your body now than you were before?  Can I mark sky diving, race car driving, diving with Great White Sharks, hang gliding and all those other X-treme hobbies that make my head explode off your To-Do list?
Or am I still destined to not understand?  Either way, I love you.  But I let me know if I need to increase our Flexible Spending in our Health Account next year.

One thought on “A Letter to My Husband

  1. I empathize…mine has started flying lessons! I think male DNA requires minimum doses of danger/adrenaline and since we have a house full of girls (not that they don't contribute their own versions of danger and adrenaline), he felt the need to partake in a different type of excitement.

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