My dreams are paying me back for being mean to rodents

I just spent the majority of the last 24 hours in bed with a migraine.  It sucks but is a fact of life for me.  Right now, I feel fine but weak.  Knock wood, this one is gone.

I had one crazy dream while I was asleep.  I am a vivid dreamer.  Sometimes I dream these really complex story lines.  I wake up and think, “Wow, if I could just write that down, I would make a million dollars from being an author.”  Sometimes, I compose music in my dreams.  It is always really beautiful to me.  For the first 10 minutes or so after I wake up, I can usually remember it, but then it is gone.  The 99% of my brain that I am not using is f’ing brilliant, people.  The 1% that I am using–meh.  So-so.

This afternoon, I dreamed that Matt and I went to this party.  It was what I would describe as “New Age-y”, if I ever got invited to a New Age party.  The hostess broke us up into teams and we played word games and such.  It was not a mix-n-mingle party.

The hostess, in my dream, had 5 pet squirrels.  When we finally broke for snacks, the 5 squirrels attacked me.  I learned (via my dream) that I can not protect my face from 5 squirrels.  Four squirrels, yes; but I am overwhelmed by five.

I never had an unhealthy dislike (or fear, it would seem) of squirrels until I met Matt.  He detests squirrels.  Hates them.  Tries to run over them with his car and laughs with glee when he is successful.  He deemed our wedding day a “lucky day” because they hit a squirrel on their way to the church.

I sent him this picture once that I found on the internets and it may be his favorite:

Another one bites the dust.

Now, my subconscious is paying me back by sending me dreams of squirrels attacking my face.  *sigh*  It’s true–no snarky deed goes unpunished.


On a different note, I’ve been working on our Christmas card for this year.  I showed it to Matt tonight for his thoughts and we changed a few things around.  I dumped it into the cart for checkout and then had a reality check when I saw the final bill.

I love my friends and family, but I really don’t need to spend that much money so that you can get a Christmas card from me with our picture on it.  Do I?  I don’t think so…so, you’ll be getting regular, non-photo-ID Christmas cards from me.  Maybe with a picture of Jesus on them, instead.

Here’s a screen shot of what the card would have looked like so you don’t feel like it’s a total bag of coal Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Elders (seems a little ridiculous to also sign)

Elder grateful month – day 3 – Furniture

Day 3 of Elder Grateful Month and the last 36 hours have inspired me to be grateful for Furniture.

Furniture?  Yes, furniture.  Objects to sit upon, lay upon, sprawl upon, prop my feet upon…you get the picture.  Early man just sat on the ground, either rock or dirt, maybe covered with some sort of vegetation.  How sad–and disagreeable.

This just doesn’t look comfortable after a long day of hunting and gathering


I’ve spent the last 24+ hours in pain with a headache and I can’t imagine what early man did when they were in pain.  You just can’t find a comfortable position on a rock.  You need chairs and sofas and beds to rest your weary and aching muscles and bones.

Doesn’t this look better than a rock?

For me, a piece of furniture can also represent safety.  Kitchen tables are where you talk over the day’s event.  Matt and I have a lot of our serious “relationship” conversations at the kitchen table or on the sofa.  The introvert in me escapes to the bed to read when I need quiet time.  And I’ve written in the past about a couch that witnessed many, many important events in my life.

I am grateful that I (1) can afford furniture, (2) live in a time where furniture has been invented (because I wouldn’t be inventing it myself) and (3) live in a country where it is readily available.  My head is thankful it had several nice places to lay itself yesterday.