My favorite “F”s

I saw this meme today:

And I thought, “Ah, two of my favorite “F” things: French Bulldogs and Fridays.”

(I used to have a favorite word that started with F, but I was politely asked by my boss to stop saying it at work. She was right — I was saying it WA-A-A-Y too much. The frustration was getting to me. I have implemented a Cuss Jar (actually a pail) to help me curb my wicked tongue — I have to pay every time I cuss. So far, it has helped a lot. Even the cursing at home has abated. The recent vacation might have also helped.)


So, I started to think about other things that I liked that began with the letter “F” and there are a lot!  In no particular order:

1. French Bulldogs

2. Fridays

3. Filet-o-Fish

4. Freedom

5. Family

6. Fables

7. Friends

8. Fernando by Abba

9. Feta cheese

10. Fetal position (when I’m sad)

11. Fiction

12. Fifth Amendment (“I do not have to incriminate myself”)

13.  Finger foods

14.  Forgiveness

15.  France

16. Fireflies

17. Flowers

18. Fleur-de-lis

19. Flip-flops

20. Frosties

Wow, it’s interesting to see how many of my favorite “F”s are food.

Have a “F”-ing Awesome Friday!!