Climbing trees

Matt’s birthday is tomorrow (I’m so glad he was born).  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he replied, “I put some stuff in the Amazon cart.”  Score.

The “stuff” in the cart was some accessories for his 4-wheeler, his Christmas present to himself.  These accessories included a 2500 lb winch, a winch mount and a winch strap.  Place order, wait for box with the Amazon logo and enjoy.

Once all the birthday presents arrived, Matt took them and his 4-wheeler to our neighbor and his friend, Josh, for help with installing.  Josh is a mechanic by trade and very good with things like this.

A night or two later, Matt came into the living room and said, “My four-wheeler is ready.  I know because Josh just sent me this picture.”


I really like Josh.

What your iPad history could reveal about your mate (or you)

Matt is younger than me.  Not by a lot — only two years.  But he loves to remind me of the fact and ask me things like “How does it feel to be a cradle robber?” or “Do you brag about marrying a younger man?”  To which I very maturely reply, “Ha ha, very funny.”

But I actually may be a cougar, based on this conversation.

me: (looking for a website on the iPad that I had visited the previous day) Where is the history?  I want to revisit a site.

Matt:  Oh, I always erase the history.

me:  Why?  Are you visiting sites you don’t want me to know about?

Matt:  Really?  No.  It’s just a habit.


Matt:  If you saw my history, all you would see would be sites related to four-wheelers, cameras and books about tree-climbing.

me:  You sound like a twelve-year old boy.

Hello, Mrs. Robinson

I think that I have robbed the cradle.  Or at least the middle-school.