It’s my day….but you win

I was out running errands this weekend instead of sleeping late, and tuned into “Weekend Edition” on the radio.  One of the segments was an interview with the musician, Shakey Graves.  I had never heard of Shakey Graves, but he’s apparently a pretty good musician.  Good enough that his hometown of Austin, TX, proclaimed February 9 to be “Shakey Graves Day.”

The host of the segment asked Shakey how he would like people to celebrate Shakey Graves day.  Graves replied, “Go roller skating and buy a pet.”

That, of course, started me thinking.

So, here’s the deal.

I am proclaiming Cristy Elder Day.  

(day and time to be determined)

And here’s how I want you to celebrate:

  1. Don’t set the alarm clock — get up when you feel damn good and ready and not one second earlier
  2. Pet a dog
  3. Write a thank you note to someone who has done something for you
  4. Eat some ice cream.
  5. Or a cupcake.
  6. Watch an episode of Seinfeld
  7. Play some of your favorite songs and sing them OUT LOUD!
  8. Read some of your favorite book
  9. Take a nap

I Love Cristy Elder Day.  Can’t wait until it’s proclaimed.  I am hopeful there will be some good furniture sales.  I need an end table.

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