He went looking for lights and found clouds and birds

Matt just came home from Minnesota.  He went to knock an item off his bucket list — taking pictures of the Northern Lights.  Minnesota is supposed to be the “poor man’s” place to go to see the Northern Lights, rather than Alaska or Iceland.  And let’s face it; Matt and I are poor men.  Well, not really.  We’re actually pretty lucky in that we have a roof over our head, food in the fridge, clothes on our back, but we save where we can.  And Minnesota vs Iceland was where we could save.

He spent six nights in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and never saw the Northern Lights.  Bummer.  It was cloudy every night.  He actually talked with Minnesota natives who said that they had only seen them once or twice (or never) in their lifetimes.

I guess that’s not surprising.  I’ve lived in North Carolina all of my life and I’ve never seen the Hatteras Light House.

Source: http://www.pagelmirchi.com

I’ve never been to a UNC-Chapel Hill basketball game.  I’ve never even cheered for a UNC-Chapel Hill team.  So, living in a place doesn’t necessarily mean that you have experienced everything associated with that place.

Anyway, Matt doesn’t get to mark this adventure off his bucket list.  I guess that we’ll have to invest in Iceland.

In the meantime, he took this picture of the dog, Owner, stalking a grouse.  Or we think it’s a grouse.  It’s some sort of bird.

I love this picture.  Owner’s owners said that she had never caught a grouse but that she never gave up.  Like Matt and his hunt for the Northern Lights.

Owner and Grouse

6 thoughts on “He went looking for lights and found clouds and birds

  1. I could have told him not to come. We have not seen the lights for over 20 years from northern WI or MN. It indeed was cloudy every eclipse, meteor shower and awesome moon this summer! I will call if we ever see them again and you and Matt can come stay with us.

  2. If you stop in Canada in northern Alberta or BC you can see some from time to time. I’ve heard that March/April and September/October are supposed to be the best times. I saw some in Northern BC a few years ago that took my breath away. They were just amazing purple and green streaks of light dancing over the whole sky. I’d seen them before, but never like that day. It’s worth having on the list. Good luck. 🙂

    • I’ll let Matt know that he needs to keep them on the list. He was bummed that he didn’t see them, but he still took some great pictures while he was on his trip. So, not a total loss. And I got the house to myself for a week. Score for me! 🙂

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