Accidental Eavesdropping Is Never Good

Matt comes home.

me:  I can’t wait to tell you what I heard at work today!

Matt:  It’s going to have to wait until I change my clothes and I eat.

15 minutes later….

Matt:  Okay, tell me what happened.

me:  So, I’m sitting in the canteen this morning, working on my computer between meetings, and these two guys sit down at a table near me.  And this one guy is talking really loud.  I’m not trying to eavesdrop, really. I don’t wanna hear what they’re talking about, but he’s so loud.  He’s talking about going to the doctor, and he’s talking and talking.  And  I hear him say, “And then the doctor’s holding my genitals.”  And I’m like, “Really?”

Matt:  Is that it?  That’s kind of a let down.  I was expecting more after such a build up.

me:  Yeah, well, if I could have told you immediately after you came home, it wouldn’t have been such a build up.


me:  And the guy that he was talking to didn’t say a word.

Matt:  It was probably his boss.  What could he say?  He had to listen.

me:  I mean, the other guy couldn’t have cared about this guy’s balls?  Right?

Matt:  I don’t know.  Maybe it was like a warning.  Maybe the doctor was an eye doctor and the first guy was like, “Dude, don’t go see this guy because an eye exam ends up with your dick in his hands.”

Excellent point.  I would warn all my girlfriends if I went to the dentist and a speculum made an appearance.  I’m only “opening wide” at one end at a time.


Where is Matt?  I think he’s in the bathroom….

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